Roost79 is a member of trhe Council of Ravens Roost@ Est.2004 Council of the Ravens Roost Roost79 Parent Company RAVENS ROOST79, INC.
Corinthian Lounge & Sports Bar
7107 Windsor Mill Road
P.O. Box 47160 Windsor Mill, MD 21244

(Corinthian Fresh Maryland Crab)

We are a 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization
Est. 2004

"Happy Birthday June Members...
Next General Meeting: June 22nd, 2014, 11am, at Corinthians.
Meetings are held on the Sunday following the 3rd Friday of Each Month"...
Unless otherwise indicated by the President...
Please note, if a holiday falls on our meeting day, we will meet on the next Sunday

ATTENTION!!!  Since 2006, Ravens Roost#79, a member of the "The Council of Baltimore Ravens Roosts", 
has donated over $34,505 to charity.

Other non-profit charities and community interest,  we support and donate to: Annual M&T Stadium May Football Fest,  MSP Special Olympics of MD,  Arbutus Volunteer Volunteer Dept, CASEY CARES Foundation, Helping Up Mission, Inc., Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation, ,  Night of Peace Family Shelter, Inc., Woodlawn Precinct Police Dept. Outreach,  Joseph E. Lawrence Scholarship Fund

Captain Defense, Ravens #1 Fan



Roost79  Merchandise
Holloway Hooded Sports Jacket

Holloway Hooded
Sports Jacket
Joe Bourne


R AVENS  ROOST #79 governed by the Council of the Ravens Roost, was established in April, 2004 at the Corinthian Lounge, Windsor Mill Road in Woodlawn, MD.

It initially began with 11 Corinthian regulars, however, by the time we were incorporated in May, 2004, we had over 90 members and growing at a rapid pace increasing our membership to 255 members....And that was just our first year. In addition, Roost #79 provides support and charitable contributions to many Woodlawn residents with a special emphasis to the homeless, abused adults and families who may be in need or have fallen on hard times.

Propose and Objectives:

The purpose and objective of this organization is to maintain a Non-Profit Corporation focused on the uniting of its membership in fellowship and service to the community at-large.  Our focus will be on local charitable, and educational scholarships, as well as those in need and other similar non-profit purposes through the promotion of the game of professional football.  Any contributions; either material or monetary, shall be used to support those local charities and/or educational scholarships and the needy as recommended and agreed upon by its membership.  This Roost shall not engage in any political activities whatsoever.

 Roost By-Laws Article III

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Members (Contacts)
Photos (Archive)
Pitcher Mike at work




Webmasters Korner

Lloyd Johnson, Grievance

Roost79 Merchandise
Valarie Bourne,
Sick and Distressed

 Joe Bourne,
"Joe Lawrence Scholarship

Woodlawn Villager
Delores and Debbie   Woodlawn Villager

Audrey Bowden, is volunteering to teach interested members
CPR Training
In 3 simple steps

Other Charities We Support...
The Maryland Special Olympics Susan B. Komen Cancer Cure
The House of Ruth Bea Gaddy Foundation
The Arc of Baltimore Liberty Out Reach Center, Woodlawn
The House of Ruth My Sisters Place
Community Schools Ray Lewis Foundation
Bethel AME Out Reach Center St. Ambrose Out Reach Center
Red Cross, Maryland Chapter  Various Inner-City Schools

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In Memory of former Roost Members
2005 - 2012  Gone, But Not Forgotten
All Roost Members, 2005 - 2013  Past and Present

Roost Events Past & Present
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2013-2014 Roost79 Elected Officers

John Bullock, President Eugene Smalley, Vice President
Joseph Bourne, Treasurer Yvonne Morgan, Secretary
Kathe Williams, Correspondence Secretary "Pitcher" Mike Taylor, Sergeant-at-Arms

2013-2014 Chair Persons
Mike Hollimon, Activities Coordinator

Angela DeVaux (Convention) Robert "Al  Sharpton" Maitland  (Entertainment)
Shelia Mullen (Charity) Joe Bourne (Joseph Lawrence Scholarship Fund)
Valerie Bourne (Sick & Condolences) Sharon Wiggins (Tailgate)
Lloyd Johnson (Grievance) Joel Finney (Constitutional/By-Laws)

2013 Roost79  Polar Plungers raised over: $3,000 (See Polar Plunge slideshow bottom of page)

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Select "Roost79",  and then following the form instruction.
 Important Note: Please be sure to select the 1PM Plunge.

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ROOST79 MAGAZINE (Special Events & Community Hap-Nins')

2012 Roost 79 Calendar Events  (or see Past Events Under Construction)

20124 OC Convention Update

Attention: REGISTER NOW!!!
To order Ocean City Convention T-shirts
Where: Clarion Resort - Fontainbleau Hotel, 10100 Costal Highway
Phone: 12-800-638-2100

Date: May 29 - 6/1/2014 - Rmember to say, Roost79 to get your discount
and registration has change from April 19th to April 16th, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY. Applications are available now thru Joe Bourne and will be available at our next general meeting in March. The Baltimore Council of Ravens Roost meeting is scheduled for April 19th, all application will be turned at that meeting, no other applications will be accepted after this date. Council Convention Dates: May 30 - June 2, 2013. 2013 Ocean Hotel Package 2013Convention Info
Joyce Curetin

In tribute to Joyce Curetin Mother Roost

2013 Thanksgiving Food Drive
St. Bernadines Church


Committee members:  Carol Howard, Valerie Bourne, Kay Fisher, Julia Eldridge, Leanne Ford and Mother Roost Joyce. 


The Thanksgiving Food Drive Committee is sending a shout out to the generous Roost members, friends and family who donated turkeys, non-perishable food items and financial contributions.   We are pleased to report, we were able to feed 20 families.   In addition, were had enough non-perishables left over to donate to a food kitchen.  It’s because of you, we were successful.  Again, thank you and know that with your help, less fortunate families will have food for Thanksgiving.  We also want to thank Roost Members who donated their time, Joe, Smalley, Diane, George and Dexter, Pitcher Mike and Finney.



My Sister’s Place Women Center                                              6 Baskets

Night of Peace Family Shelter, Inc.                                           6 Baskets

Saint Bernardine Roman Catholic Church                               6 Baskets

Baltimore Career Academy                                                          2 Baskets

Emmarts United Methodist Church Food Kitchen              Non-Perishable Food Items


2013 Annual Ravens Roost Cook Off, Arbutus Fire House  
1st-Place Winners

2013 Ravens Roost Cook-Off at Arbutus Fire House

Roost79 Collage
 2013 Homecoming


2013 OC Roost Convention

RAVENS ROOST #79 PRESENTS Straight from New Orleans, 2013 Ravens XLVII Championship

Ravens Championship

Ravens Roost79 presents its 2013 - 2017 Joseph E. Lawrence Scholarship Recipient, Ms. Destiny R. Miller.

Roost 79 as part of its non-profit charitable obligations awarded Ms. Destiny R. Miller, a four year scholarship. 

Ms. Miller, a graduate of Woodlawn Sr. High School has been accepted at Tuskegee University to begin her matriculation this Fall, 2013.  Pictured with Ms. Miller is her family (left),  (Mrs.) Kathe Williams, and Valerie Bourne (right), Chairperson, Scholarship Committee. We wish Ms. Miller, success in her educational endeavors.

 2013 Recipient Awardee  

Congratulations to Roost79 2009 - 2013 Joseph E. Lawrence Scholarship Graduate Recipient, Ms. Kristina Saxon.

2009 Scholazrship Awardee, Graduated

Ms. Saxon, a 2013 college graduate, and her family attended a our Roost79 Jeans & Jersey affair, to thank our Roost for sponsoring helping to sponsor her college education. Ms. Saxon,  a 2009 Joseph E. Lawrence scholarship recipient is a 2013 college graduate. Ms. Saxon (right) is pictured with Mrs. Marlene Lawrence, (left) widow of the late Joseph E. Lawrence, former Scholarship Committee, Chairperson, and  Mrs. Valerie Bourne, (middle) current Chairperson. Let us wish Ms. Saxon, well in her career and future endeavors.    



 SUNDAY APRIL 14, 2013 5:00-9:00PM AT DIAMONDZ



More Information

Deadline date for Ocean City Convention T-shirts and registration has change from April 19th to April 16th, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.
Applications are available now thru Joe Bourne and will be available at our next general meeting in March.
The Baltimore Council of Ravens Roost meeting is scheduled for April 19th, all application will be turned at that meeting, no other applications will be accepted after this date.

Council Convention Dates: May 30 - June 2, 2013.  

2013 Ocean Hotel Package

2013Convention Info

2013 Ravens Bullroast
2013 Ravens Council Bullroast

2013 Council BullRoast

Roost79 made history at the
Martin Luther King Jr. Parade

 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. Parade

2013 MLK Parade

Next Plunge TBD January xx, 2014

Check out the 2013 Special Olympics Polar Plunge

  Roost79 Polar Plungers 2011 Roost79 Polar Plungers 2011 Roost79 Polar Plungers 2011 Roost79 Polar Plungers 2011
 Pitcher Mike, Team Captain

Teddy Fickling, Logistics

John Bullock, Co-Captain
Eugene Smalley, Co-Captain
2011 Roost79 Polar Plungers


**Gwen Collins Lori Lampton  Angela Devaux **George Allen Shar'ron Robnson  Audrey Bowden 
Jeff Braxton Kenny Fleet Diane Chriscoe Marvin Dorsey C. Mellisa Thomas Diane Chriscoe
Dirty Dave Robert Maitland Theodore Flicking Debra Hartfield Joyce Curetion **Carlos Hutchinson
**First Time Plunger          

Roost79 would like to thank the TailGate committee for the food preparation. A special thanks to Teddy Flickling and his crew for transporting our equipment.

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